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REN TV [Рен ТВ] Live Streaming Online | Watch Channel 18+

REN TV Рен ТВ TVWatch Free REN TV HD 18+ Online, Watch Live REN 18+, Рен ТВ TV Live, REN TV 18+ Live, REN Live Stream, Рен ТВ Live Stream, REN 18+ TV, REN TV Live Online, REN TV Russian Adult Channel, REN ADULT TV Streaming, Рен ТВ ADULT TV Channel, REN TV Рен ТВ 18+ ADULT Channel Free. REN TV largest private federal channels in Russia. REN TV is one of the largest private federal TV channels in Russia. Founded by Irena Lesnevskaya and her son, Dmitry Lesnevsky, who had been running REN TV as a production house for other national Russian television channels, it has broadcast since 1 January 1997. Its target audience is a young to middle-age city worker. Even though it focuses mostly on the audience in the 18 to 45 demographic, REN offers programming for a wide range of demographics, since the target viewer has a family and respects family values. The channel has won 13 TEFIs awards presented by the Academy of Russian Television.REN TV’s network is a patchwork of 406 independent broadcasting companies in Russia and the CIS. REN’s signal is received in 718 towns and cities in Russia from Kaliningrad in the West to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the East. It has a potential audience of 113.5 million viewers (officially 120 million viewers ) with more than 12 million of them living in Moscow city and Moscow Oblast (Moscow Region). REN TV works with 10 broadcaster affiliates and 19 cable operators in the CIS and Baltic states; 181 cities can receive REN TV’s signal.By many political fringe groups REN TV is considered to be “one of the last bastions of free media” in Russia. It is the only channel up-to-date which covers the meetings of socialist and liberal groups and takes interviews from leaders of the political fringe.

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